Polarizing Images – Photography Podcast with a Twist

“Three Guys Discussing the Philosophy of Photography”

True, there are a ton of photography podcasts, but here is one that’s different. Why? Because I’m part of the Polarizing Image team along with Rob Domaschuk in Chicago, and Tony Moran in Australia! We focus less on photography tech and more on the art & philosophy of photography, so don’t expect any “Nikon vs. Canon” debates or “which lens is best” discussions.

To date, we have 21 shows available for your listening pleasure (I came onboard at episode 10). Go to www.polarizingimages.com. to listen to any of the episodes and read Rob’s colorful commentary. Or, you can download the podcasts right to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, free from iTunes. You can also stream the podcasts via Stitcher Radio (app available on iOS and Android devices).

New shows come out every other week or so. Expect easy going banter and general good fun as we discuss a variety of philosophical topics, along with a new photographer and artist of the week and even an occasional guest speaker.

So, get away from all the techno-babble and gadget talk and check-out Polarizing Images for refreshing look at photography!