CLASS: Elements of Exposure

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This all day, hands-on class introduces you to EXPOSURE, a key technical skill in every photographer’s repertoire. This course will cover how to control light, color, and shadow by using your camera’s main exposure controls: shutter speed, aperture, white balance, and ISO. You will learn how these camera controls affect your photos and how to use them to creatively. We will discuss typical exposure problems and solutions, and talk briefly about how electronic flash affects exposure as well.

Why You Should Attend: Has this happened to you? You see a great sunset or other breathtaking scene. You grab your camera to capture the moment. Later, you look at your photos only to find that they are too dark, overexposed, blurred, or out-of-focus. They just do not look like what you expected. Sadly, that moment is lost forever.

More often the camera is not to blame. Cameras are programmed to take excellent, but average photos. It is up to you, the photographer, and your control over exposure, to capture outstanding photos.

If you have only used your camera’s PROGRAM or AUTO mode, you are letting the camera make creative decisions for you, often with disappointing consequences. That’s fine for everyday snapshots, but to take really great photos, YOU need to be in control.

Go beyond (P)rogram mode and learn how to achieve the best exposure for your photos. Discover how shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings can be used creatively to take more artistic photos

INSTRUCTOR: The class will be led by Rick Hicaro, owner of Chicago Digital Arts & Photography studios in Chicago. Rick is a professional photographer and instructor with over 25 years experience. Besides photography, he is also proficient in digital workflow and graphic design, using programs such as Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom®, Photomatix® Pro, and many others.

Comments from past Attendees:

“This class provided a great foundation for anyone looking to take control of their DSLR in manual mode. The instructor (Rick) was friendly and knowledgeable. A great deal could be learned just being around him for a few hours. I was able to employ some techniques I learned in this class the following day and have already seen a huge improvement in my photos! ” – Michael Dean

“Very informative – jammed packed presentation with terrific powerpoint presentation (to take home and study later). Information while complex was clearly explained and Rick was patient and willing to take questions during the class. I could easily spend another 4 hours practicing the information with Q & A session and learning from each others trial & errors. Thank you so much! ” – Elise

“Rick is a great teacher, with a well organized presentation. He took time to help everyone personally. This is not my first time being exposed to this material but it was by far, the best presentation and I know eventually it will sink in. It is a lot of material…This is the best deal in town!!!…” – Maxi

PREREQUISITES: While this is a beginner level course, familiarity with your camera’s basic operations, especially accessing its priority mode settings (aperture, shutter, manual), is highly recommended.* If you have taken our “Introduction to Digital Photography and Your Camera” class, you’re all set.

[*If you do not know how to access these settings, please read your owner’s manual to learn how to use these functions BEFORE coming to class. We will not be teaching the basics of using a camera.]


  • Digital camera (DSLR recommended, but compact cameras with priority settings are OK)
  • Fresh batteries
  • Memory card with plenty of storage room
  • Tripod (optional, but handy)
  • Owners manual for your camera (VERY IMPORTANT!!)

ATTENDANCE LIMIT: This event is limited to 20 attendees. Our classes fill very quickly so register soon.

NEXT CLASS: Saturday, April 27, 2013 – 9:00AM to 3:30PM

COURSE FEE: $118.75

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