Keepsake Portraits

Fabulous Portraits –¬†Favorite portrait sessions include engagement photos, post wedding day photos, anniversary photos, holiday photos, and even pet photos.

Milestones – Why not celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary by treating yourself, a loved one, or your entire family by capturing that special event forever in a magnificent, framed work-of-art. Whether shot in your home, a favorite park, that special place you first met, let us bring your memories to life through personalized portraits.

Below: “Hollywood in the 1940’s”¬†themed photo session for a beautiful client who wanted celebrate her milestone birthday (no, I won’t tell which one it was!). ¬†(Hair and make-up by Chrissy Connell)

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Family Portraits – Preserve those once-in-a-lifetime family memories before they get away! Time passes quickly and children grow-up way too fast. Give them something to remember you and your family by. Snapshots disappear into long forgotten albums. But framed, wall-sized portraits become family heirlooms to be handed down from generation to generation.

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“Abbey Road Christmas” holiday portrait

“Waiting at the Station” holiday portrait (Norman Rockwell style)

Personal Portraits – Getting engaged? Celebrating a special anniversary or milestone? Maybe you just want to splurge and take a glamourous portrait of yourself to celebrate a new look, or maybe to give as a gift to a special someone?

Professional Portraits – If you’re a professional in need of that final touch to a winning portfolio, make it a professional head shot. Look your best! Remember, a pictures is worth a thousand words!